Client FAQ’s

  • How many people work at THRACIANWEB?

  • THRACIANWEB is one person. It’s therefore important for me to clarify that all the work you see in THRACIANWEB, Logo Portofolio and Logos for Sale, have all been designed by me.
    When you speak to me be confident that it’s me working on your project and not some part-time designer.

  • Timelines & Deadlines

  • Maybe some people consider that it’s very easy to give an answer but it’s not. There is no ‘promised deadline’ guarantee I can/will give a client. However, I always try my best to finish the project as fast as I can.
    Timelines vary due to: specific client needs, challenges, requirments and project scope. Deadlines are dependant on the client in many ways: feedback, direction of my logo ideas, etc. A logo design project can take 1-4 weeks.

  • The Design Brief

  • The first step for a client when he want to work with me is to send to me the logo design brief. Without a brief it’s impossible for me to start a project because I will not know what the client want.

  • Preliminary Proposal

  • When I have the brief and all the necessary information I’ll work on a preliminary proposal. When the proposal is done I’ll send it back to the client.

  • Contract

  • Assuming the client is happy with the Preliminary Proposal, I’ll create and forward on a Contract using Hello Bonsai.

  • Payment
  • Now the only thing left to start the project is that the client to send an amount of money to me before I release any digital files to the client. How much? usually 75% but I am open to negotiations.